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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Punk Rock DIY Candy Buffet

Argh, well, I suck. Second day into Favour Feb and I'm already behind on the posts. I WAS halfway through this post yesterday, but a power cut that destroyed half of Auckland city (my half) and a disasters with the wonderfully delightful ARC bus service left me rather annoyed and powerless and short on blogging time. Rest assured I shall make it up to you all today, perhaps with a wonderful BONUS post later on. Yaaay!

I'm doing a feature on Alexzandra and Kevin's fab punk rock wedding later in the month (be prepared for quite possbily the COOLEST WEDDING CAKE EVER), but for now, a sneak peak at their oxblood red, zebra print and black decor and their awesome CANDY BUFFET.

One of the joys of a candy buffet is that you don't have to supply dessert, so although they're not necessarily cheap, they're probably cheaper than the $10 a head dessert menu from your caterer. They're also SO much fun and just about the coolest thing you can have at a wedding reception, EVER.
DIY Punk Rock Candy Buffet

You will need:
  • Several bell jars, containers or bowls for the candy
  • black, red and zebra print ribbon
  • white cardstock
  • contrasting cardstock - black, red or zebra print.
  • pattern for chinese takeout boxes (either download and print a pattern online or buy a takeout box from a craft shop and flatten it out)
  • bulk sweets
  • plastic scoops

1. Well before the wedding, copy the pattern onto the white cardstock several times - one box for each guest. Cut these boxes out and glue them together.

2. On a computer, draw up some suitably punk rock nametags for your guests. Print these out and cut to a uniform size - say 2cm by 6cm.

3. From the zebra print paper, cut squares slightly larger than the nametags - say 4cm by 8cm. Glue the nametags to the centre of the zebra print paper.

4. Glue the tag onto the front of each takeout box.

5. Purchuse several bulk bags of candy - choose your favourite childhood sweets or the latest chocolately goodies. You could look for sweets that match your wedding colours or flavours that say something about you as a couple. If your buffet table will be outside in the sun, try to avoid chocolates as they will melt.
6. Source your jars and candy containers - for the punk rock look, scour second-hand shops for odd shaped jars, decanters and vases. Mix a few martini glasses in for effect.
7. Using the same method as the nametags above, make labels for your candy jars.
8. Take the ribbon, and wrap around the centre of each jar. Secure in place with double sided tape. Cover the join with the label and glue in place.
To Set Up the Candy Buffet
1. On the Eve of the wedding arrange your jars on the table in an aesthetically appealing pattern
2. Rearrange when fiance comes along and 'accidentally' messes up your design
3. Fill jars with candy in a punk rock fashion - think stripes and swirls, clashing colours and skulls and sparkles as accessories. Cover table with cloth, keep out of sun, and clamour in excitement for the following day.

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