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Friday, January 16, 2009

Silhouette Jewellery by Untamed Menagerie

If you brides are looking for jewellery to be the centrepiece of your ensemble, look no further than Untamed Menagerie! Created by mother-daughter team Penny and Nikki, these whimsical accessories are inspired by vintage patterns, nature and anatomy. Their jewellery is made of wood, metal, perspex and acrylic - the hard plastic used in by the automotive and aircraft industries. Don't let that put you off - this stuff is stunning!
I normally only put one or two photos up, but these pieces are just too awesome.

Jet Lustre earrings, $18, from Untamed Menagerie

Melancholy Lashes necklace, $25, from Untamed Menagerie. Currently Out Of Stock
Surmonter la Crise earrings, $20 by Untamed Menagerie
For you Skully Brides I present...Thoracic pendant, $18, from Untamed Menagerie. Love!
I don't know WHAT you're waiting for, get on over to their etsy page and support these wonderful crafty ladies.

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