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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gothic Wedding Theme Ideas

With the pace of a geriatric snail I am working on updating my website. While I'm generally happy with it for now, it needs a bit of tweaking. I'm focusing on adding loads of free articles about wedding planning for all you lovely brides and grooms.

The first two new articles are up now. I hope y'all find them useful:

Halloween Wedding Theme Ideas

Gothic Wedding Theme Ideas

Over the next weeks and months, more free content will go up, both on Weddings and on Writing (if you're interested). And, if you like what you read, don't forget there's HEAPS more in the Halloween Wedding ebook!

On a personal note, it's been a wonderful week for me, as my sweet baby sister has given birth to her first child! I'm an Auntie! I'm Kreig Aunty Steff! Momma and Baby are healthy and relaxing at home at present. My mom sent through photos today - the little lad looks just like a smushed-up parsnip. Kids, aye?

Seriously, that's awesome!

Also, don't forget that all next month will be Favour February. Every day I'll be talking about wedding favours - one of my favourite details of weddings even though we did none ourselves - and all their manifestations; DIY, budget store-brough favours, customised favours and tips, tricks and advice from favour experts. I know it sounds a little kitsch but, trust me, it will be fun.

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