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Friday, January 9, 2009

update on Halloween Wedding Planner

Hi Skully brides and grooms! This is a note especially for any of you who purchused my ebook Halloween Wedding Planner through

Booklocker doesn't have a setup function that allows you to add free extra ebooks. Somehow, in my gleeful excitement, I added the Halloween Wedding ebook for sale without adding any other means for readers to get their hands on the FREE Halloween Wedding Directory.


I'm so very sorry! We've sorted it now - when you buy the Halloween Wedding Planner, you will recieve ONE book which has both planner and directory inside. So if you'd prefer to buy my ebook through booklocker, you won't be missing out on the free goodies.

As for you beautiful people who've already brought the ebook through booklocker, PLEASE feel free to email me on steff_green AT hotmail DOT com if you'd like your free directory - I'll happily send it out to you, no worries.

I blame this beautiful summer weather we're having down here - it's frying my brain.

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