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Monday, January 26, 2009

DIY Halloween Wedding Cake Supplies

Black Skull cupcake cases, £1.50, from Make a Wish Cake Shop.

If your DIYing your gothic or Halloween wedding cake, take a look at the supplies available from Make a Wish Cake Shop in the UK. Even with the exchange rate the prices are pretty reasonable, and they've got a whole section on Halloween-themed cake decorating goodies.

Apart from the gorgeous skull cupcake cases above, they've got black, orange, purple, red, and metallic patty cases; pumpkin, ghost and cat sprinkles, red, orange, purple and hologramic edible glitters; and - my favourite - skeleton cupcake pricks to pop out of your cupcakes!

Cupcake towers are totally 'in' at weddings, and CDH fell in love with the idea the first time he saw one. These cute skully additions don't cost any more than normal cake decorating supplies, and they'll look so awesome all made up at your spooky reception. I kninda wish we'd seen the skully cupcake cases. *sadface*

And while we're on the topic of cupcake decoration, don't forget to pop over to Creepy Cupcakes awesome blog for heaps of culinary inspiration. She's planning her own Halloween Wedding this year, so she's full of dark and fun inspiration.

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