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Friday, February 13, 2009

Gothic Weddings: Tacky?

Tacky Weddings posted an assortment of gothic wedding pictures for your interest. Now, I am not, by nature, a fan of this blog, because I think tacky is totally what you make it and as long as people are happy and aren't hurting anybody than they can do whatever they want at their own wedding.

However, I ADORE some of these pictures. If that's tacky, then call me tacky McTackster. Granted, there are a few...interesting ones, but hey, each to their own.

So, for inspiration, I give you other people's idea of a tacky wedding:

I also hate hate HATE when people say 'but what will they think in ten or twenty years time when they look back at their wedding photos?' I mean, what? Look at how happy everyone is! Even if these people aren't goths when they're sixty, surely they'll look back and say 'Man, look at that awesome fun wedding we had and how happy everyone was. I'm so glad we did that!'
I just think it's horrible to call someone else's wedding tacky. Sure, you can think it's tacky, but it is NOT anyone's place to pass judgement on anyone else's wedding, or clothing, or home, or lifestyle. People are different, and that's what makes the world so awesomely COOL. One couple's beautiful ivory 3-tier wedding cake with a periwinkle blue ribbon to match the bridesmaid's dresses is another persons black and red chocolate cupcake tower decorated with skulls and swords to match the groom's tattoos.
Grrrrr. The word tacky. I hates it.

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