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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Favor Feb: Gothic matchbox art favors

For years I've been making matchbox artworks. I've been a dollhouse fanatic since I could walk and I love any art project that comes in miniature. So I thought I'd share with you lovely Skullys a DIY favor idea that's a little bit out there, a little bit zany. Because I know you love 'em.
With matchbox favors, you can either decorate the outer face only, leaving them as functional match boxes, or decorate the interior with pictures and trinkets or a thank you note and give them away as 'shrines' or 'matchbox lockets'.
Have your matchboxes follow the theme of your wedding. You can either make them all the same or create a unique design for each guest.
DIY Matchbox Art favors

You will need:

  • Matchboxes (enough for one per guest)
  • Inspiration (loads of it)
  • Craft wire - needs to be very thin and pliable - I use the inner wire from twisty ties.
  • Scraps of craft paper, beads, stickers, scrapbook paper, inks, paints, buttons, ribbons, stamps, etc...
What to Do.
1. Before you begin, browse online for altered matchbooks and match box shrines. You'll find heaps of inspiration on craft forums and etsy.
3. If you've decided to use them as matchboxes, paint around the striking boards. They won't work if you paint over them. Paint the interior drawer and box (different shades if you want) and leave to dry. You may need to use two or three coats.
4. poke two holes in the centre of the matchbox drawer for the handle with a needle or the end of the wire. poke the wire through one hole, thread a bead onto the end, twist the wire back around and secure in the inside. Now you have a cute little drawer handle.
Ideas for decoration:
I love using torn up scraps of newspaper or old bibles or dictionaries (because you can tear off relevant or humorous words). Tear the edges so they're uneven and stain them with black or brown ink.
Use scrapbooking trinkets and embellishments to add texture.
For a masquerade wedding, cut tiny masks and decorate with feathers and harlequin patterned scrapbook paper.

Fill with tiny candies, spices or a thank you note.
Replace drawer handle beads with buttons. You can often find beads or buttons in cute skull shapes
Sometimes, nail polishes are an excellent substitute for thick, glittery or glossy paints.
Look for themed rubber stamps and embossing medium - I've made beautiful matchboxes using embossed greek vase and column stamps my mum found. So elegant with purple or rep papers.
Try not to go too overboard. Remember, they're only favors! Use scrap paper, ribbons and beads you have lying around.

Above all, have fun! Have a look at all the fab matchboxes for inspiration (no, none of these are mine). And this one which I can't get to show up on the blog, but TRUST ME, it's worth a looksie.

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