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Monday, February 9, 2009

Favor Feb: Speleobooks bat favors

Speleobooks sell bats. All kinds of bats. Bat books, bat toys, bat toilet paper holders, bat clothing, bat jewellery, bat name it, they've got it with bats on.

So...if you like bats, they've got some cool favor items for you:

Bat Balm - for lips and more. 8ml. Kering fastener. $4 each.

Itsy Bitsies Bean Bag Bat - with 7inch wingspan. $5 each.

Fuzzy Finger Puppetbat - with 11inch wingspan. So cute! $3.50 each.

A lot of their items would work well as favors for a Halloween wedding with many kids present. I still can't get over how cute that bat bean bag plushie is...awwww :)

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