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Monday, December 15, 2008

Totally Uncorked: test-tube jewellery

I'm absolutly loving these cork necklaces inside test tubes from Uncorked. As a long-time Optometrist frequenter (I've been vision-impaired since birth) I think I'll be getting myself one of these eyechart cork necklaces, which retails for $16 and just looks fabulous!
Other designs include I Read Banned Books, Don't be Trashy, and these totally rad Octopus Cork Earrings.
And, in case that's not enough reason to check out this quirky store, all these products are made from 100% repurposed sustainable materials. She sources cork from managed forests in Spain and Portugal, where the cork (bark from cork oaks) is harvested only once every nine years in a traditional manner, using only handtools and no fertiliser. The glass is science grade - 62% recycled. And the zinc is 30% recycled (from Uncorked's etsy profile.)

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