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Monday, December 15, 2008

Gallery Serpentine: Gothic and Victorian gowns and corsets

Wedding Skull's brides love a well-made, figure defining corset. But boy howdy can those babies set you back a small fortune!

For my first vendor review, I introduce Gallery Serpentine, a Sydney-based company specialising in beautifully-detailled corsets, Victorian gowns and garments, frock coats and bridal ensembles. They have an extensive website and mail-order service, but you can also visit their retail locations in Emore and Robertson (about 1.5 hours from Sydney).

When we visited Sydney earlier this year for the Iron Maiden Somewhere Back in Time show, my wonderful CDH took me down to Gallery Serpentine's Enmore store and INSISTED I purchuse a corset. These are not custom made, but they have a range of styles and sizes for you to try on. You choose the style and size you want, the colour and fabric, and any extras (I added straps and extra black lace to mine), when we returned from our holiday, my beautiful corset sat on the doorstep, awaiting me.

Gallery Serpentine's garments come in extremely high quality fabrics, with beautifully finished laces, bindings, eyelets and details. Their selection of Men's Victorian and Gothic attire will leave the fellas drooling for swallowtails and damask frock coats. You won't find these unique clothes elsewhere and - good news for you US brides - the Aussie exchange rate means these babies are extremely affordable!

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