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Monday, December 15, 2008

Boy of Blue: macabre photography

Warning: Not for the squeamish!
Although your wedding photographer might be your most important vendor at your wedding, seldom is the camera itself given any special attention. Ladies and Gentlemen, for your dark delights, I present Boy of Blue.
Wayne Martin Belger creates functional pin hole cameras made from steampunk pieces, real animal and human blood, bones and organs, 'Designed to study the Beauty of Decay'.

This camera is made from the 150 year old skull of a 13 year old girl.

He displays his photographic work alongside his grisly creations. When explaining his love for pinhole photography, Belger says "With pinhole photography, the same air that touches my subject can pass through the pinhole and touch the photo emulsion on the film...what you get is an unmanipulated true representation of a segment of light and time, a pure reflection of what is at that moment."

You can see Boy of Blue's designs here and even sign up for his mailing list!

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