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Monday, December 15, 2008

Welcome to Wedding Skulls!

Wedding Skulls is a blog for alternative brides and grooms planning interesting, zany, offbeat, dark and distorted weddings. If your planning a gothic, halloween, steampunk, rockabilly, heavy metal, cemetery, concert or otherwise dark and unusual wedding, you'll find product reviews, vendor sources and inspiration galore!

As for me, your boo-tastic webmistress, I'm a freelance writer and heavy metal connoisseur with a love of travel, history and sausage rolls. I've recently married my CDH (Cantankerous Drummer Husband) in a medieval heavy metal ceremony at a haunted mental assylum.

You can read about our wedding and see photos on my main website, Steff You can also purchase my 100 page ebook - the Halloween Wedding Planner.

I look forward to bringing you all sorts of delectable wedding goodies, and await your comments, criticisms and wisdom!


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