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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dedalo Jewellery: skull cufflinks

Skull Cuflinks, $80, from Dedalo, mounted on stirling silver bas. The enamel was hand-fired in a kiln.

Cufflinks from the Pirate Bay, $60, from Dedalo. Stirling Silver - oxidised, frosted and polished.

If you're groom needs a skully touch on his sombre suit, why not check out Dedalo's amazing skull cufflinks and Pirate Bay cufflinks. I've seen a few skull cufflinks around the internets, but none as swish as these.

A gifted jeweller, Matt from Dedalo creates these unique cufflinks including dragons, anchors and Fleur de Lys (these are SO Victorian Gothic!). He even does rings and other jewellery to match!

Check out Dedalo's etsy shop or follow Matt on Twitter.

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